The Old Kazoo Makers Favorite Stuff
I am always looking at stuff that will help me get things done better and more efficiently.  
My favorite stuff includes software, hardware, manuals, forums, websites and more.
This is not a place for paid advertisements.  
The stuff I share with you are things that I either have purchased or got from a freebie
download.  Most of the software is being sold by the author of the software.  These gals
and guys are independent program designers.  They are the software folk artist of the
21st Century.  
I firmly believe in supporting my online independent artist.  They create the stuff that I use
on a regular basis and stuff I could not do without.   If you found some good stuff let me
know about it.  Always looking forward to try some new stuff that will make it to my list of
Just send me an email with the subject line reading
"Just Stuff".

I am not responsible for any problems you might have with the software titles
recommended on this page.  I simply can attest to the fact that they work well for us on
computers with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP SP3 installed.

"Doc Kazoo"
I am very happy to introduce SongSheet 5 by DSBsoft
Software.  This is software that I cannot live without!  I
have been using SongSheet 5 for nearly four years now
for all my songwriting.  I have been totally satisfied with
this product and cannot sing it's praises loud enough.

SongSheet 5 is the Old Kazoo Maker's
All Time Favorite Stuff!!

Through the years I have come to know the author of
this fantastic tool and his customer service is the best
of the best. Bruce offers a quality musicians tool that I
simply cannot do without.  In times of computer crashes
and reinstalls he has made sure I was back up and
running within minutes.

This is not freeware but is affordable at around $30.  
There is a free full featured 15 day trial of SongSheet 5.

If you are a guitar  or ukulele picker and songwriter you
gotta have this one.  Where once I had stacks of
notebooks with handwritten songs I now have actual
printed songsheets in a nice loose leaf binder. Even I
had trouble following the scribbled songs and sharing it
with someone not the best choice. I now have a nice
printed song with chord progressions that I can use
and share with friends. You can also import Chordie
songsheets into SS5 and edit,  transpose or whatever.

This is The Old Kazoo Makers #1 Favorite Stuff!

Click the Logo or Picture Above to visit DSBsoft to read
more and get your free 15 Day Trial.  
Every once in a while I come across something new that I really
like.  When I do find something I like to share it with everyone
and Sagelight Image Editor is one great find.
This one gets the Old Kazoo Maker's Big Thumbs Up!!

"I use this one every day!!!"  Doc Kazoo

Check out the following before and after Old Kazoo Maker
picture using Sagelight.  The email image above was also
edited with Sagelight.
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Home Recording

So you are new to Home Recording.  You got some tunes
you want to record but have no idea how or where to start.  
Well IMHO the best place to start is Kristal Audio Engine!  
Hands down this is the best TOTALLY FREE DAW
Software readily available that has an established, friendly
Users Forum to help a "newbie" get started.

I started using Kristal several years ago and love this
software.  I found Kristal extremely easy to use once you
get through the set up process. There is a absolutely great
Kristal Users Forum for help getting started and lots of
YouTube How To video available as well.

Kristal is a great DAW to start with and for most home
recording will be the only DAW you ever will want or need.  
If you decide to use another DAW the experience you have
with Kristal will be invaluable in adding other DAW
software.  Most of the basics you learn with Kristal are the
same in all DAW's so your learning curve on the new DAW
will be smaller.  Compression is compression and vst's are
vst's no mater what DAW you are using.   

Kristal is a beginning point for lots of home studios.  As in
my case Kristal may be the only DAW you will ever want or

Best of all it is available at the Old Kazoo Makers Favorite

Click the Logo or Picture Above to visit Kristal to download
your free copy now.

After you have downloaded and installed Kristal the first  
thing you want to do is to
print out the manual!!!  Next is to
sit down and
work through all the tutorials.  This will give
you everything you need to know to start recording and

Then it's time to join the
Kristal Users Forum!!!

The members at the Forum are great at helping you solve
initial setup problems that might arise, both software and
hardware.  I was amazed at how fast (usually within a day)
that my questions were addressed.  This is a very friendly
forum.  They also help teach you the art of mixing and
using VST add on's.
If you need a copy of the Kristal Manual click
here to download in PDF format!
I hope you take a look my favorite stuff by giving them a
free trial run.    I do believe you will be glad that you did.  

This page is not updated with any set frequency.  I will only
be posting information on stuff as I find it.   I will only share
stuff that I use at least once a week truly find worth sharing
with you.  I believe I have one or two more ready to share.

So be sure and drop by from time to time and see what
new favorite the Old Kazoo Maker has found.  

"If  I don't use'em   you won't find'em here LOL!!!"

Old Kazoo Maker
For several years now I have been shopping at Musician's
Friend for all my gear.  I love their prices, customer service and
fast shipping.

The little box you see above is an ArtTube MP Preamp that I use
everytime I record to preamp my guitars and provide phantom
power to microphones.  This is one of the essential pieces of
hardware you really need to get the best results in your  home
recording studio. There are many makes and models available.  
This is what I own and use.  This little jewel is part of my
interface chain that connects me to the computer.  It sells for
$29.99 with free shipping!!!

I love my ArtTub preamp and shopping at Musician's Friend.  I
even get all my strings and other consumables there.  The same
brands I find at my local music shop but much cheaper and
super fast shipping.


Click the Logo or Picture Above to visit Musician's Friend and
window shop for some fantastic deals.
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Doc Kazoo's Favorite Security And Maintenance Software

The one thing I have difficulty getting the wife to do is preventative maintenance on her computers.  Yep she uses two!

A couple years ago I had a computer programmer friend recommend five software titles for my security/maintenance tools.  
These have five have worked great on our three computers for going on three years and have saved us from malware
problems a couple times.

First there is
Avast Antivirus Software
(Always Running)

Next there are
Malwarbytes and Spybot
(Run Weekly)

Then there is
(Up to you to decide.  I run it weekly or more often if my system starts slowing down.  I also use the start up "Tool" to disable
stuff starting up that don't need too.

And last but not least
Piriform Defraggler
(I usually run once a month or more often if I have moved, added or deleted a lot of files)

Doc's Favorite Local Business
R Car Automotive
903 E. Alfred Street
Tavares, Fl 32776
(352) 742-0661!
This is not a paid advertisement!!!
I am a firm believer in supporting local family owned
businesses. When I come across an exceptional businessman I
just have to tell everyone about them.  Such is the case with
Rick over at "R Car Automotive".
This past week or so I have been searching for a great
mechanic at a fair price.  When I had to get a brake job on
Ms. Kazoo's car an old picking buddy told me about Rick
over at R Car and I am sure glad he did.  Not only did they
beat the price of everyone else, the repairs were perfect and
customer service great.  I actually enjoyed taking the car to
the shop!  Take it from a very satisfied customer!
Don't choose a mechanic until you have this shop look at
your car.