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Kazoo, Cajon, Guiro, Box Drum,
Diddle Bow, Tapper. Jawbone,
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I made my first kazoo over half century ago with my dad back on our ten acre small livestock
homestead in western NC.  Over the years I have made more than a few kazoos and have
designed custom kazoos for performing musicians around the world in many genres.  From street
buskers to large concert venues with large music groups, and a lot in between. With 100%
satisfaction by the musicians who use my kazoos.

Most of my kazoos are made to order for each individual.  This and my ever growing number of
kazoo designs are what make my kazoos unique in the kazoo maker's world.  Each kazoo is
individually handcrafted so that  no two kazoos are ever exactly identical in their appearance.  
They are only identical in their performance qualities.    From time to time I do have ready made
kazoos available but this is rare and usually happens when I am introducing a new kazoo design.

With my made to order kazoos you get to watch your actual kazoo being made via a series of three
update videos that are posted on the
Kazoo Factory YouTube Channel

As well as daily picture, video and/or narrative updates on the
Kazoo Factory Facebook Page

You can see the complete selection of beautiful  Aswego Kazoos available at the
Great Aswego Kazoo Factory  ArtFire Studio Shop
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I frequently collaborate with performing musicians on kazoo designs.  The electric FatBoy Kazoo
evolved from a collaboration as did the UkeZoo Kazoo.  I love collaborations and many of my
available kazoo designs are the result of a collaboration with musicians around the world.  

If you have an idea for a kazoo design you would like to see made let me know.  I might just be
able to make one for you at no risk.  I make the kazoo and if after watching a video demonstration  
of the finished kazoo you want it then you buy it.  If you don't want it that's fine too.  I will just list it
as a ready made kazoo.  I have never had a collaboration kazoo not purchased by the person
placing the order.  Email me for details: dockazoo@aswegohomestead.com
I love sharing information about gear and software that I have found that make my life easier.  I only review and
recommend products that I own and use.  
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